The Training Plan

Health, Motivation and Fitness

Update August 22, 2020 - year to date I have already 5'956 km and 60'991 meters of climbing in the legs - a great and promising training for the long and hard race in August. In order to succeed in my races,  I need to manage health, motivation and fitness levels equally. The year 2020 is to date (April) very positive, as the weather allows outdoor rides since February and my indoor equipment is ready, anytime I want to sweat. Currently I estimate a cycling total of 7000 km and 70 km of climbing in 2020. Last year I invested some time into the Global Cycling Network knowledge shared in videos -  e.g. how to become a better rider, maintain duration and keep a health food intake. Last year I did my first ever +300 km ride, and from that experience I learned a lot, and keep improving. If you want to see my progress, follow me on Strava.