The Idea and Goals

Lead - every idea starts somewhere. Making ideas work needs a strong motivation, support and buy in. Therefore I believe the slogan - Lead, Ride and Get - demonstrates that, inspires others and gets wanted attention. 

Ride - means get things done. Leading is good, showing how it's done even better. I often use the sentence "first you must give trust, before you will get trust.." - ride and sweat, for a good idea.


Get - Leading and Riding is done. With some gained trust, awareness and recognition I hope to get back something from my supporters, followers and donators. Sharing is caring - be human. Thank you.


Each country taking part in the Atos Tour charity event, needs to support a local cancer foundation. I have chosen the Swiss Cancer Foundation, read more about them here...

The Atos Tour is a yearly event, cycling from Paris to Eindhoven in two days, with the goal of raising money against cancer. I extended the scope and will raise money during cycling events in 2021 with a total of approx. 1100 km and 15000 meters climb.  My ambition is to raise CHF 20’000 for the swisscancerfoundation. Another goal I gave myself - make a difference and do something special. 


How to contribute you can read here