The Events

Update: Race 1 & 2 & 3 done - I was riding the Dillier Classic 2020 on my own due to the Covid-19 cancellation - on the race Bern - Andermatt I had to quite after Km 153, read more below. On August 28, I successfully cycled the race from Zurich to Zermatt, more below!  Unfortunately the Atos Tour from Paris-Eindhoven is cancelled, but will be done virtually (yet I will find another option to ride a similar distance). 

June 1 - Dillier Classic, Gippingen

The region around Gippingen offers a beautiful landscape. A lot of short punchy climbs make up for a race well-suited to Silvan Dillier. The race distance is around 87 km (1900 meters climb). On seven of the climbs however the time will be taken. More here


Done - I was riding the Dillier Classic 2020 on my own due to the Covid-19 cancellation -  it was fun, although the nice weather a very windy day. I highly recommend you to check out this area for cycling, mainly car free, wonderful nature and just fun. Additional 60 km i cycled to get there and back, from my home town Remetschwil. Details from my ride below.


July 3 - Berne – Andermatt

One day race from Berne to Andermatt with 200 km and close to 5'500 meters of elevation. After the start in Berne the participants are set to head for the Bernese Oberland. Via Thun, Interlaken and Meiringen the participants are headed towards the Grimselpass in the twilight of the early morning. After the Grimselpass the riders also have to tackle both the Nufenenpass and the Passo San Gottardo. The Passo San Gottardo will be ridden over the old ascent the "Tremola”. More here


Done - 3 weeks prior the race I fetched a flu, next to the traditional hay fever. Therefore not much of climbing training was possible, however, in the week of the race I felt okay, did some power test and decided going for the race. Giving myself a goal in reaching Andermatt under 10 hours was challenging for the 209 KM and 5500 meter of climbing - I knew if I reach Innertkirichen after 107 km and already 1000 meter of climbing in 4 hours, I'm well on track. The race -  my start with number #52 at  4.12 am, hitting the road in Bern, was furious, benefitting but also offering some drafting at the first 30 km -  the first climb under heavy rain (till Meiringen) went well, felt extremely good, also along Lake Thuner- and Brienz all fine. Reaching Innertkirchen in about 3 hours 34 was almost unreal to me, yet it felt fantastic and fast. Hitting the Grimsel after a short nutrition and fluid refill felt also good - after 2/3 of the climb I had breathing issues and felt like the energy dropped - I managed to reach the checkpoint at the Grimsel and after a short break I headed into the sun, fog, rain, and crazy windmill towards Ullrichen -  there i took on the climb towards Nufenen, more breathing issue, some strange chest pain, never experienced ever before - finally, after 4 breaks  on the first 5 km climbing, I had to give up and had sever pain. On Sunday i had to go for a 6 hours health check in the hospital, root cause found quite fast, inflammation between lung and rib's - a followup from my illness from previous weeks, probably caused from the rain and chilly temperatures during the race. Well, I put health before my strong ego of never giving up - and I believe this was the only and right decision made - despite am still disappointed not finishing the race. 

August 28 - Zurich - Zermatt

Ultrafondo from Zurich to Zermatt – 300 km and 6500 meters of climbing. After the start in Zurich the riders are heading towards hillier regions via the Buechenegg, the Freiamt and Sursee. From there the participants tackle the climbs of Glaubenbielen and Brünig before the Grimselpass is set to be the biggest obstacle of the race. After passing through big parts of the canton of Wallis the climb from Täsch to Zermatt will present the last big challenge. With 300 kilometers and approximately 6500 meters of elevation, Zurich – Zermatt is set to be the toughest one-day race in Switzerland. More here


Done -  hell, yeah! What a race, starting 1.45 am in Zurich, a clear night, fair temperature, hitting the road fast and I only struggled on the climbs, due the limited training possibilities in the mountains (illness and race incident in July). But super happy I reached Zermatt after 12h 31 min moving time, 87 minutes faster than last year! Rank 93 from 220 riders, plus 15 who could not finish....  what an experience, again!

September 4 & 5 - Atos Tour Paris - Eindhoven

UPDATE -  the event took place, online, cycling about 70 km with 25 Atos colleagues  - team effort at it's best.


The 17th Atos Tour will take place on Friday September 4th and Saturday September 5th 2020.The Atos Tour is a cycling tour in which approximately 65 cyclists ride in two days in a peloton from Paris to Eindhoven in order to raise money to support the battle against cancer. The first stage on Friday September 4th is from Bussy-St.Georges (Paris) to Bergen/Mons (Belgium) over a distance of 250 km (elevation 2600 meters).
The second stage on Saturday September 5th goes from Bergen/Mons to Eindhoven over a distance of 220 km (elevation 1800 meters). In addition to the sporty challenge the Atos Tour also has an idealistic goal: we raise money to support the fight against cancer. More here