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The mission of the Swiss Cancer Foundation is direct and indirect funding of cancer research (Lead), supporting patients undergoing cancer treatment (Ride) and furthering activities integral to the fight against cancer (Get). The Swiss Cancer Foundation aids existing institutions and organisations like Krebsliga Schweiz and Stiftung Krebsforschung Schweiz in the fight against cancer via funding and other means. It is a tax-exempt charitable foundation under federal oversight.

For me it means a perfect match supporting Human in need with an equal contribution for Research, Act and Share mapped to Lead, Ride and Get.


Now it's up to you. All support and sponsorship is very much welcomed, even a symbolic CHF 1 donation. There are several options to contribute;


- Recognized Sponsor by Distance 

- Recognized Sponsor by Climbed Meters

- Recognized Sponsor by Logo (eventually printed on the Jersey)

- Recognized Sponsor as individual


The collection will be done via the payrexx platform. A project landing page can be found at the Swisscancerfoundation webpage. Thank you for the kind contribution.


How will you be recognized? 


On the Wall of Fame, LinkedIn posts and other social medias, plus with professional photographs taken from the events if you are a Logo sponsor - see example photo below. Also I offer free motivation speeches or presentations about the project and more.