Bruno's Cycling Project 2022


ūü¶† Update; This year seems to remain ¬†tricky. After two antibiotics therapies in 2022, i got the Covid bug on June 19 - ¬†which results in the ‚Äěno go‚Äú for my Berne - Andermatt Event. Also, depending on the recovery, i might need to waive the longer events like Tortour, Zurich-Zermatt. - this not necessarily / hopefully because of the Covid health impact, more due the repeated training plan impact. Assuming i can hit the pedals early July again, i will judge, if i can / shall undertake such intense events - or if i ¬†need to put health at first.



Inspired from the Atos Tour - 7 events in 2022 - almost 1900 km and 26000 meters of climbing (3 times Mount Everest)  - all this for the fight against cancer, for kids & humans in need.


Thank you again for your  2020 contribution - CHF 8'312 raised. In 2021 I joined 3 events, but no charity work done due this famous bug - now in 2022 back for good! 


The Lead, Ride & Get project is a result from the Atos Tour participation, which is a yearly event, cycling together for the fight against cancer.  Atos employees (sometimes customers) cycle from Paris to Eindhoven in two days, with the goal of raising money against cancer. Why do I combine my hobby, energy and charity in one? Because I believe it’s a perfect occasion and project, giving back something to kids & humans in need. Each participant  is to raise money for a local cancer institution - I chose for 2022 the Childhood Cancer Switzerland.


The Atos Tour is a project from my employer Atos - but I extended the scope with 6 other events, which all take place in 2022, also in order to utilize the potential Lead, Ride & Get to the maximum.


Why have I chosen the Childhood Cancer Switzerland organization?


In Switzerland, around 300 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every year, more than half of them are infants and children under the age of four. Even though 4 out of 5 children can now be cured, statistically that still means that one child dies almost every week. Together with its member organisations, Childhood Cancer Switzerland is dedicated to improving the situation of children with cancer, their families and long-term survivors throughout Switzerland.

If you decide to support me as an individual, group or firm, no matter how much you donate,¬†it‚Äôs your generous contribution which makes a difference ‚Äď thank you so much for supporting this project. Please share it.¬†


Be human. Lead, Ride & Get.