Bruno's Cycling Project 2020

4 races in 2020 - almost 1100 km and 19000 meters of climbing - a fight against cancer for humans in need 


Till now, CHF 7'912 raised - thank you, any support is more than welcome


Update July 13, 2020 - Race 2 summary - 3 weeks prior the race I fetched a flu, next to the traditional hay fever. Therefore not much of climbing training was possible, however, in the week of the race I felt okay, did some power test and decided going for the race. Giving myself a goal in reaching Andermatt under 10 hours was challenging for the 209 KM and 5500 meter of climbing - I knew if I reach Innertkirichen after 107 km and already 1000 meter of climbing in 4 hours, I'm well on track. The race -  my start with number #52 at  4.12 am, hitting the road in Bern, was furious, benefitting but also offering some drafting at the first 30 km -  the first climb under heavy rain (till Meiringen) went well, felt extremely good, also along Lake Thuner- and Brienz all fine. Reaching Innertkirchen in about 3 hours 34 was almost unreal to me, yet it felt fantastic and fast. Hitting the Grimsel after a short nutrition and fluid refill felt also good - after 2/3 of the climb I had breathing issues and felt like the energy dropped - I managed to reach the checkpoint at the Grimsel and after a short break I headed into the sun, fog, rain, and crazy windmill towards Ullrichen -  there i took on the climb towards Nufenen, more breathing issue, some strange chest pain, never experienced ever before - finally, after 4 breaks  on the first 5 km climbing, I had to give up and had sever pain. On Sunday i had to go for a 6 hours health check in the hospital, root cause found quite fast, inflammation between lung and rib's - a followup from my illness from previous weeks, probably caused from the rain and chilly temperatures during the race. Well, I put health before my strong ego of never giving up - and I believe this was the only and right decision made - despite am still disappointed not finishing the race. 


Update June 30, 2020 - Race 2 about to start - Friday July 3, I will join the race from Bern to Andermatt over 210 km and 5500 meters of climbing - after two weeks of illness I hope I can manage this race successful -  yet, health remains my biggest concern and if I feel I risk something I might do the race another time this year - but lets keep the finger crossed.


Update June 2, 2020 - Race 1 done - I was riding the Dillier Classic 2020 on my own due to the Covid-19 cancellation - unfortunately also the Atos Tour from Paris-Eindhoven is cancelled, but will be done virtually (yet I will find another option to ride a similar distance). 

Cycling is not only my hobby, it's much more. It’s the activity which reenergizes me and gives me the strength, air and condition I need. When Igor (work colleague) told me last year about the Atos Tour charity, a fighting cancer initiative, I was immediately interested, yet the date set in 2019 collided with my training plans that year. In early January 2020, I signed in for the Chasing Cancellara races Berne – Andermatt and Zurich – Zermatt, days after I visited the Atos Tour page and signed up – the 3 events fit perfectly one after the other. In March 2020 I figured out that there is another Chasing Cancellara race near my home and signed up for the Dillier Classic, Gippingen.

The inspiration to create this Lead, Ride & Get project came through the Atos Tour, which is a yearly event, the 17th edition in 2020. Atos employees (sometimes customers) cycling from Paris to Eindhoven in two days, with the goal of raising money against cancer. Why do I combine hobby, fun and charity in one? Because I believe it’s a perfect occasion and project, giving back something to humans in need. The Atos Tour is a project from my employer Atos - but I extended the scope with 3 events, which take place before, in order to utilize the potential Lead, Ride & Get to the maximum.

If you decide to support me as an individual, group or firm, no matter how much you donate, it’s your generous contribution which makes a difference – thank you so much for supporting this project. Please share it. How you can support the Swiss Cancer Foundation and me, read here...


Be human. Lead, Ride & Get.



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